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Achieve optimal building performance. What we do.
Improving multifamily housing. Who we serve.
Making a positive impact. Who we are.
Rifle Housing Authority ribbon-cutting. Case study on their annual savings.
Turn-key green rehab. How we work.
Triple Bottom Line impacts. Why work with us.
Green Building Upgrades at Net-Zero Cost
ResourceSmartTM is a turn-key, cost-effective, green upgrade provider for affordable and market-rate multifamily housing communities. Do you have an RFP for a project? Are you interested in which of your
buildings uses the most energy? Do you want to save your residents and your property money?

ResourceSmart can help!
How ResourceSmart Helps
What's In It for Me?
Proven Results
For owners or managers with green upgrade needs, from multifamily buildings to rural facilities, ResourceSmart is your one-stop-shop.
Increased property value. Lower operation and maintenance costs. Hassle-free services. Green branding. And that's just the start..
ResourceSmart has made energy use and costs fall dramatically for multifamily buildings, senior care facilities, and many more.

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